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Class Rooms

All the studios are equipped with tables for drafting and working, chairs, chalkboards and soft boards. The studios are wifi enabled with projection facilities and CPU for creating an E-Learning environment in the studio. The studio has enough plug points for laptops. Lockers are provided for students to store their work.

1A_3rd Floor Studio (3)_edited.jpg


The Library is equipped with more than 1000 books arranged in the book stacks. A dedicated reading area is available for the students to use along with working desks enabled with plug points.

Library (3)_edited.jpg

Seminar Hall

The seminar hall serves as a classroom with seating arrangements designed to accommodate lecture series, workshops, and presentations for all student batches.

1A_3rd Floor Studio (3)_edited.jpg

Carpentry Workshop

This workshop is equipped with the necessary tools to instruct students in craftsmanship for their studio projects, offering a hands-on learning experience.

Carpentry Workshop (3)_edited_edited.jpg


The stationary store on the ground floor offers a wide range of materials catering to students from all departments. This assortment includes drafting sheets, model-making materials, tools, and more

Notebooks and Pencils


 A 164 sq.m, 112 seater auditorium is available for academic as well as extra curricular purposes. The auditorium is equipped with modern audio visual equipment necessary to conduct any event.

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Computer Lab

 A computer and resource center with 52 High End PC’s are available for students to work on various digital media and new softwares.

Comp Lab & Resource Centre (4)_edited.jpg

Art gallery / Multipurpose Room

The room fits 50 students, easily accessible from the lobby. It has a chalkboard, projector screen, and WiFi. Its amphitheater layout suits various events like lectures, seminars, exhibitions, and functions.

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Conference Room

The conference hall serves as a venue for student-faculty meetings and discussions. Additionally, it is utilized for meetings with other guests and by the design cell.

Staff Lounge (1)_edited.jpg


The canteen, situated on the ground floor, is closely linked to student activity areas, the auditorium, and the Open Air Theatre (OAT). This is easily accessible for students, faculties and other guests.

Image by Medina Catering
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