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The first few steps taken and a delirious state of mind kicked in..a place etched with stories at every nick and corner yet being a very welcoming canvas for anything I look was the Academy.

Lectures turned to studios as knowledge turned to application,a seamless translation yet every second of the tide brought along a grand,powerful fold of insights to be rooted in for a was tale of Academy.

The circle of life became the circle of gossips as easily as friends felt like family and teachers as mentors.A new form of passion,a new energy seemed to redefine me but consequently let me be was the magic of Academy.

No matter where we went,academy helped us understand and question.It helps in empathizing and bringing out the designer among us and like the Academy cared for us we learned to care for was the love of Academy.

Peers of all age have been the support systems in the best way possible and the trend of giving back is imbibed in the culture of Academy in the purest form was the spirit of Academy.

The happening atmosphere,the live and energetic canteen,collaborations,Design dialogues makes us ready for the world at hand as well as a world we all could envision, and thereby “5 long years” quickly transitioned to “Only 5 years?” was the legacy of Academy.

Vision became a perspective,story became a narrative,thoughts became exploration,Interest became rigour,memories became nostalgia but in all that,Academy was,is and will always be “Our” dear Academy!

Aditya Shanbhag

Second year, B.Arch (A)


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